Friday, December 30, 2016

Before the Ball Drops

Much like the snow that falls in the morning and thaws by mid-day, 2016 won't be sticking around Rochester for long! There's still time for one more visit (in store or online) before you "stop in to see us" in Seventeen. In the spirit of New Year's Resolutions, we present ideas for her, him and home (and office) that bring color and life into the tough winter stretch that always begins a new year, renewing our commitment to friends and family, career and caring, and our own well-being. From birthday or anniversary presents to "pick-me-ups" that lift spirit and mood, these gifts encourage and inspire our best selves to work hard, love much, and come out to play...coat and cocoa optional!

Our newest Mi Moneda coins flaunt next year's Art Deco trend.

Mi Moneda bangles: same concept, smaller coin, smart move!

Chrysalis captures the beauty of winter, even after Christmas.

Geode bookends look smart in the home or office.

Jlizarah inspires and empowers your favorite little girl.

Beautiful banks teach kids to save for a rainy (or snowy) day.

NanoRosetta medallions kindle new career or collegiate passions.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

NanoRosetta Stories

Did you have the chance to catch our "NanoRosetta" show on Channel 13 last weekend? If not, you can enjoy it here. It was our privilege to speak with friends who shared their stories of finding courage, hope, inspiration, and meaning in these digital hologram medallions that catch the light and capture memories. One woman had her spiritual mantra inscribed on the medallion; one drew strength from the word cloud that reflected her strength and resilience in the face of cancer.

Holidays and housewarmings, marriages and milestones, babies and puppies, challenges and triumphs: your life story unfolds a bit more each day. Each NanoRosetta medallion can hold more information than a piece of paper the size of a football field...and keep it safe for 10,000 years. At holiday time, these medallions are the perfect personal keepsake -- or the most unique gift you have ever given. Your loved one might have the Bible or the complete works of Shakespeare; but can she wear it around her neck? Can he keep it on his keychain? Now it's possible. Has your history or Broadway buff tried in vain to get Hamilton tickets? Sweeten the pot with the Constitution etched upon a coin.

And for the skeptics, we provide with each NanoRosetta the exclusive Viewer App, to marvel at the intricate details with crystal clarity on your computer or smartphone. Our gallery of designs and sizes is on display in our store or on our NEW website.

Time for a "change"!

Carry the Bible with you, always.

Keep loved ones close to your heart with a hologram album.

Pre-designed medallions start at just $60.

For a wife with Alzheimer's, this medallion captures memories that cannot fade.