Thursday, August 21, 2014

Welcome to our boutique blog!

Welcome to our boutique blog!

As we prepare to welcome crisp weather, crunchy apples, and beautiful foliage, we are getting excited about new lines and designs, exclusive to People's Pottery and ready to ship around the world.

Here's why we're "falling" in love this season:

1. Pandora's fall collection, "Discover Autumn's Radiance," captures the delicate tracery of leaves, laurels and flowers -- in charms, pendants and stackable rings that combine elegantly into signature looks. The new Pandora Essence Collection features richly detailed interplays of silver and gold, as well as beads crafted from gemstones such as rose quartz, obsidian, and blue lace agate, to express the "essence" of you.

2. Romero Britto bags. The bold graphics that define his ceramic sculptures look great splashed across durably chic tote bags. An ideal back-to-school gift for your favorite student or teacher--and a non-breakable way to showcase Britto's style "on-the-go."

3. Allen clocks. How time flies, especially in summer. This whimsical collection of clocks manages to capture the free spirit, impulsive detours and leisurely pace of vacation--the perfect antidote to racing the clock as fall kicks into gear. We can't add more time to your day (wouldn't that be nice?), but this clock will remind you to savor every minute.