Thursday, December 31, 2015

Oh What a Year!

As 2015 draws to a close, our family would like to thank you for entrusting us to mark your special moments, milestones and memories of the year. Here are the things we (and you) loved this year:

1. NanoRosetta. This article explains the story behind this remarkable new line of medallions etched with photo collages, birth certificates, the works of Shakespeare, Biblical verse...anything you can imagine. This beautiful line of jewelry preserves sacred memories for 10,000 years. "Every generation has a story; what's yours?" Get inspired and shop now.

2. Disney Pandora. We love this beautiful, whimsical line of charms that capture the magic of Disney!

3. Our new Love Bridge line from Thomas Sabo captures your heartfelt sentiments with personal engraving in beautiful hues. Why mince words -- pile them on!

4. My Special Days. These deals and discounts will make 2016 your best year yet.

5.  Britto bear hugs! Romero Britto is the subject of a beautiful exhibit at Nan Miller Gallery, our neighbor across Monroe Ave. For a pop of Britto that fits your budget, we've got the perfect solution.

Fine art (left) meets pure fun (right)
6. Mi Moneda. We can't get enough of these interchangeable coin medallions. "Coin a look" that's completely your own and begin 2016 with sparkle, style and shine.

7. Sculptures with personality plus. From a piece that gives new meaning to the term "serving spoon" (anyone for tennis?) to whimsical portraits of career and calling, we have the perfect gift for his or her desk, at work or at home. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Seven Reasons to Stop In and See Us!

Why bring your gift list here? Let us count the, to be exact, whether you're shopping in-store or online. It's gifts galore in here...with the personal attention, free gift wrap and warm welcome you just won't get at the mall. Delight your family, wow your friends, and treat yourself--we are an oasis of calm in the chaos.

1. The purr-fect weather here in Rochester.

2. Diamonds are a gift giver's best friend.

3. Time to get ready for you-know-who.

4. Chrysalis: Good vibes for the coming year!
5. NanoRosetta: beautiful inside and out.

6. Take a walk on the wild side with Ti Sento Milano.

7. Our newest Mi Moneda pieces. Coin your own phrase for Christmas!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Small Business Saturday Goes Nano

Here at People's Pottery, we're thinking small. Not just because it's Small Business Saturday -- a day to support family-owned businesses like ours -- but because we're excited to unveil an incredible breakthrough that originated right here in Rochester.

NanoRosetta is the blending of beautiful jewelry with laser technology. This extraordinary wearable time capsule will hold your sentiments, memories and photos -- anything, really -- on a medallion that will last 10,000 years. That's 300 generations! No fading colors, no ripped pages: just precious memories laser-etched on a medallion that's readable to the human eye, with infinite richness of detail.

Pendant, necklace, ring, keychain, bracelet, cuff links, money clip -- choose the piece and we will handle the rest.

This will be your personal keepsake, or the most unique gift you have ever given. Our pre-designed medallions start at just $50.

Click here to see Carla introduce Bruce Ha, the inventor and patent-holder for NanoRosetta.

If you are local, please stop in this weekend to see our display case in the store. We can assure you, you have never seen anything like this before.

This keepsake jewelry is beautiful, inside and out.

Friday, November 20, 2015

That Special Time of Year

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in here! Stop in to see us, shop with our personal attention and soak up the good tidings!

If the streak of mild weather has waylaid you from stopping into Rochester's best gift store for her, him, and home--it's time to check in and see what's new in-store or on For starters, there's our NanoRosetta line. If the entire Bible inscribed on a gorgeous medallion necklace sounds like a dream come true for the trend-conscious "true believer" in your life, you've got to see this truly amazing concept of eternal life embedded into fashion-forward jewelry.

And for those who celebrate Hanukah, we have a selection of truly beautiful menorahs to light up your eight nights. 

What else is new? My Special Days! We are thrilled to partner with this newly launched website to offer reminders and surprise offers leading up to the most meaningful days in your life. Never miss a milestone--or an opportunity to give!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for special shopping evenings, NanoRosetta selections, Pandora updates, holiday fashion ideas, and more. 

It's getting colder--but our store is warm and welcoming!

Monday, November 2, 2015

We're thankful for...

First of all, we're grateful for the spell of mild, sunny weather we're enjoying in Rochester right now. If we were a child, we'd slip into our TwirlyGirl dresses and spin around under the beautiful foliage and bright skies.

Second of all, we're excited that our vibrant arts community continues to pulse! Next week, artist Romero Britto will visit the Nan Miller Gallery, just across Monroe Avenue from our store, to meet his fans and exhibit his work. If you can't quite afford a painting or sculpture right now--how about one of our Britto mugs, bears, or totes? Britto's unmistakable, signature geometric patterns with primary colors are the perfect antidote to winter grays and blues. In the kitchen or spotted at Wegmans, they're bursting with joy -- and so are we.

This time of year should remain spirited, not stressful; joyous, not a "struggle to juggle." And we are here to help. When you stop into the store, we will spend time with you to select the perfect piece of jewelry, hostess gift, accent piece, or keepsake for your grandchildren. 

We wrap gifts divinely, and we ship around the world. We also have our online store for you and all your far-flung friends and family to browse. New on is the chance to build your custom Mi Moneda piece completely on-line!

You can have fun with this...we promise! 

Keep the happy times coming; we'll provide the perfect presents to commemorate them. See you soon!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mystery and intrigue!

Mystery, mayhem and intrigue are in the air...and it's not just the Halloween decorations.

Our big secret "brewing" -- pardon the Halloween pun -- is our new Nano Rosetta concept: one that marries cutting-edge technology with beautiful, meaningful jewelry.

Chime in here and let us know what you think we've got going on.

In other news: our Pandora promotion is still going strong! Through the weekend, you can buy two Pandora rings and receive one free. This is the perfect time to "stack up" on holiday gifts -- or complete your own wish list for the season. Pandora's new collections are the hottest thing going this fall--with celebrities like Oprah wearing its Majestic Feathers collection, inspired by the mythical Phoenix.

Here's a sneak peek at the Holiday collection...which melted our hearts.

Finally - don't forget October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Stop in and see Carla for a gift that will honor, commemorate or encourage a loved one who is battling this disease. From charms to bead bracelets to home decor, we have the perfect symbols of support.

If you're hitting up Wegmans for Halloween candy, stop by People's Pottery first! Or visit us online.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Light up the room, light up the night

Need to pack in one more warm-weather getaway? Need a gift to bring on Labor Day weekend? Need a whimsical, tropical "summer souvenir" to warm up those rainy, chilly days? All the essentials here are waiting for you; stop in and see Carla! Maximize your fun these next few weeks with presents (for others and for yourself) that will keep you smiling into September and beyond. And if you'd like to send a bit of People's Pottery to your far-flung friends, no problem; we ship around the world. 

Take that trip! Cinda B, classy and clean.

This stunning plate lights up a room. 

Locally designed necklaces capture the summer vibe perfectly.

How to make a great vintage even more charming.

Your favorite cyclist will enjoy this bike year-round.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Angels are abuzz...

Have you seen the halo winking above People's Pottery? Have you heard the whispers coming from Rochester's best place to find gifts for her, him and home?

We've got an angel living here. No, not a Victoria's Secret angel. We're not that kind of store! You can call her "Thortiuda," which is Thai for angel -- and the latest twist on our ever-popular trend of interchangeable jewelry. Much like Killian and Mi Moneda, the Thortiuda line features elements that can mix and match.

We love how the sterling-silver, filigreed overlays nestle charms with different colors, each carrying its own special meaning. Yellow brings vitality, grey stands for wisdom, mint represents elegance, and red kindles passion.

Follow the angel's whisper -- stop in and see Carla!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Spotlight on: Ti Sento Milano

We "heart" our Ti Sento Milano line.
Have you shopped the Ti Sento Milano collection at People's Pottery?

We love this fashion-forward, elegant and fun line from Italy.

Since its start in 2003, Ti Sento Milano has excelled in creating affordable luxury through sterling silver, encrusted with gems in brilliant colors that match each fashion season and celebrate new trends. Each piece is hand-set by old-school diamond cutters; no glue allowed.

Artisan tradition, accessible luxury-- and the perfect way to accentuate your summer look with a new bracelet, necklace, ring or pair of earrings. Exclusively at People's Pottery, where you'll find the perfect gift for her, him, and home. But more about "her"! Here are some of the Ti Sento Milano looks we love.

Denim: it goes with everything.

This leopard print is all the rage in Europe.

We've taken a shine to medallions.

The dazzling "Il Giorno Nuovo" collection.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Let Freedom Ring; Let Fashion Rule! raise a girl.
It takes a twirl...

It's summertime, and we're living it up at People's Pottery. This week, one of our city's most fashionable four-year-olds rocked her TwirlyGirl dress for her birthday party...nothing else would do. All that color and all that twirl are still going nonstop...all Mom has to do is toss in the washing machine. No ironing or dry-cleaning required!

Our Pandora ring promotion begins Thursday and runs through July 12. Buy two rings, get one free: the perfect way to "let freedom ring" this holiday weekend and beyond. 

Finally, our new line of "Les Interchangeables" were made for sunny days and balmy nights. Elastic satin ribbon bejeweled in Swarovski crystal accents is adjustable, affordable, and awesomely chic.

Stop in to see Carla before you head to the fireworks -- she'll help you find the perfect hostess gift, "arm candy," or fun-in-the-sun accessory. Happy Fourth of July!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dear Daddy...

Dear Daddy,

Can a gift ever express my love, gratitude and admiration?

I didn't think so...until I went to see Carla at People's Pottery. Rochester's premier gift store really comes through for Father's Day. Rings, watches, desk sculptures, cuff links, Dopp kits, and more...because I know you really don't need another tie.

ARGO rings: For the Boldly Defiant dad.

Daniel Wellington: if watches make you "tick".

A sleek and sporty Dopp Kit for travel and leisure.
Superman cuff links: self-explanatory.

STORY by Kranz and Ziegler bracelets: so you know the joy of accessorizing.
Happy Father's Day, Daddy! And if you want to return the favor down the road, there's this great Pandora ring promotion happening here in July...


Friday, May 29, 2015

Let's Party!

If you've stopped in to see us lately, it's as clear as a bright sunny day that Rochester's favorite boutique for her, him and home is thinking SUMMER. Invited to a party? We've got the perfect gift. Throwing a party yourself? Accent your decor here. Wedding season? Our tokens of affection will make them swoon. Stop in to see Carla, or shop our online store. We ship around the world, so spread the sunshine!

Our KILLIAN line of jewelry goes from lake to lounge.

Hello, Kitty!

Our STORY by Kranz & Ziegler line gets a summer reboot. 
Do they go together like salt and pepper? Perfect gift for that summer wedding.

Pandora's Beachside Collection pairs bright colors with seasonally-inspired designs.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hedonism for sale

Did that catch your attention?

We are proud to offer a selection from the Hedonist Truffle Collection at People's Pottery. It's the perfect gift to bring to a Memorial Day cookout or graduation party.

Have you stopped to smell the lilacs? Inspired by the Lilac Festival that's perfuming the air in Rochester, we're loving the purple jewel tones of our Killian collection; the faceted Murano glass beauty of this Pandora charm; and of course, our "all the rage" Mi Moneda line.

For our next blog post, we're rounding up ideas for Father's Day Gifts. Help us out by letting us know what the dads in your life will love from People's Pottery. Watches, desk sculptures, photo frames, cuff links...we want to know your favorites! Post your suggestions on our Facebook page or leave your comment below.

Stop in soon or shop anytime at our online boutique. We have the best gift selection in Rochester, and we ship around the world.