Friday, May 13, 2016

Let's Get Personal

Pandora "Forget Me Not" earrings. 

It's May, and we're enjoying the sweet perfume of lilacs, coasting on all the love that's in the air. With all the beautiful gifts we helped you select last week, we know there were many women, in town and around the world, who enjoyed a very Happy Mother's Day!

Our Pandora collection continues to "charm," especially with Carla's attention to detail in helping shoppers build upon their bracelets and explore new options. 

On Monday, our friend Roberta scored the very last, limited-edition Pandora "Bound By Love" charm in our store. With its beautiful 14k bow nestled inside a silver heart, it looks perfect on her Pandora bracelet. 

Roberta also continues to build upon her Mi Moneda collection - both with Mi Moneda medallions and our new NanoRosetta line. 

These medallions can laser-etch everything from family photos and paw prints to the King James Bible, Edgar Allan Poe's "Raven" and the complete works of Leonardo da Vinci, pictured above. If you have a mathematician, art historian, or literary buff preparing to graduate, these medallions make the perfect necklace or cuff link, keychain, money clip, ring, etc. Choose a pre-made design, or "get personal."

Speaking of "personal," you've got to see our new Paparte line. It's a stunning way to thank a teacher, mentor, coach, bridesmaid, co-worker, friend, etc. Choose a unique design to adorn everything from coffee mugs to iPhone covers. We love this line!

Stop in and see us. And if you can't make that out-of-town wedding, bridal shower or graduation, remember that we gift-wrap beautifully and ship around the world.