Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Shining Through The Eclipse

"It's just another manic Monday." The iconic Bangles' song is a fitting start to next week -- when afternoon twilight will truly mark a manic mid-day Monday. Luckily, we have everything you need to shine and sparkle through the solar eclipse. Let's take a look!

Nothing brightens our day more than a 40% off SALE! Stop in, see what's going for deep discounts, and stock up on home decor, desk sculptures, pretty rings, shiny things, and whimsical delights.

Essential for the eclipse, and anytime: candles in sun-splashed colors or irresistible fragrances, like our new Aromatic Votivo line. You need all your senses in the dark! These candles are the perfect way to warm your home as fall settles upon Rochester. And there's no need to pop a pie into the oven; the scents alone will beckon your company into the kitchen.

Our perfect gifts for "her, him and home" pack punches of bright, bold color that catches both sun rays and moonbeams! We have bar ware, bakeware, and bracelets to keep your spirits bright and your heart warm, long after summer's over.

Do you know what else brightens our day? BABIES! We have the perfect gift for that bundle of joy. Stop in and see us before summer's over!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Who Needs a Night Out?

As we flip the calendar to August, we hope you all had the chance to enjoy our latest Pandora promotion: a tote bag to complement the newest crop of Glam Night Essentials, from bold stackable rings to sparkling charms to stunning friendship bracelets. Wait till you see the new "fruity cocktail" and "stiletto heel"'ll be planning a Girls' Night Out before you know it.

Discover your PANDORA Glam Night Essentials
If you're looking for more ways to share the good vibes of summer with your nearest and dearest, look no further than our Made By Maia notecards. Our young local artist Maia has connected her passion for art and animals with her wish to help people. Her pastel, acrylic and watercolor masterpieces are now available here in-store as limited-edition notecards. 

Maia's "Rainbow of Joy"

With every set of notecards that you purchase, 100% of the proceeds will support EquiCenter, a therapeutic equestrian center for children and adults with disabilities, at-risk youth, and veterans to defy their limitations. 

Stop in and add that sparkle to your soul, and your style, before the solar eclipse happens in three weeks. It'll be our way to power through the darkness!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Send Me Love (and Glamour and Ice Cream)

"Please Mr. Postman," move over.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) just rolled out a service called "Send Me" that lets you text requests for a place, color, mood, object, feeling, or even emoji; the museum replies within seconds with a piece of corresponding art from their collection. Try it here.

In the spirit of our favorite things, we texted the museum to send us love, glamour, jewelry and ice cream. Here's what we got!

Robert Indiana, "Love," 1973

Valerie Belin, "Untitled," 2002 

Weegee, "The Critic," 1943

Bill Owens, "Untitled [ice cream man]," 1975 

On that note...this week is an exciting one for our store and city. Our PANDORA Girls' Night Out promotion kicks off on Thursday with the offer of a free Tote bag with a $125 PANDORA purchase.

Now -- where to go with your girls (and tote)? May we suggest the traveling VoteTilla celebration -- 100 years of women's suffrage! -- that happens this week and weekend with stops in Fairport, Pittsford, Corn Hill, and of course the Susan B. Anthony house. Because songs were a powerful tool of suffrage, there will be plenty of music; and of course food, festivities and fun...the perfect ladies' night to celebrate the ladies' right.

Stop in to get styled for the summer, find the perfect gifts (for brides, babies, and beyond), and bring a little piece of home on the adventures that lie ahead.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Some Like It Hot...

Some like it hot...and some of us like to chill in the lake (or in the A/C). Some like to cruise on water, and some of us on land. Some travel with seven pairs of shoes; some with just a carry-on bag.

No matter what your travel style, we have the color selection that suits your unique personality. Come visit our PANDORA store-within-a-store to "pick your paradise" and set your style GPS to its true destination!

The Explorer: The new blue leather from PANDORA represents your cool, laid-back presence; your love of the ocean; and your connection to nature.

The Adventurer: If pink calls your name, adventure awaits! The new pink leather bracelet encapsulates your passionate spirit. You are fiery, feminine, and a true lover of life.

The Sun Goddess: Is white your summer style selection? Celebrate your sun goddess essence with inspiration from Santorini! The white leather bracelet from PANDORA will show off your bright outlook on life.

The Night Voyager: Show off your destination style with PANDORA. The black bracelet speaks to your confidence, sophistication, and love of nightlife. Add your favorite charms to create a look that will shine!

Where will you take your PANDORA jewelry this summer? Share a photo with us!

Whether you're celebrating brides, bachelor's degrees, birthdays, or babies...beat the heat (or should we say the rain) by stopping in to see Carla for the perfect gift: one that celebrates signature style and summer sizzle. As always, our gift wrap is as gorgeous as the gift; and we ship anywhere on the world. That's one less thing to worry about - so you can explore the world instead of the post office.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What We Do For Dad...

Rain drops...or ring drops? Benchmark rings fit any forecast!
It's Dad's day this Sunday, and we haven't forgotten him! Whether he's a new dad or a new grandpa; whether he's walking you down the aisle this summer or running in a marathon; fishing in the lake or grilling in the yard, or just digging through endless piles of work (and needs to take a well-deserved break), we have just the gift to honor him this weekend and every day throughout the year. Stop in and see the conversation-starting cuff links, unique desk sculptures, striking Benchmark rings and keepsake NanoRosetta medallions that synch up with his style while carrying special meaning. Surprise him in person or send joy in the mail; we ship around the world!

Fifty shades of Nano.

Speaking of around the world: Global perspectives enrich us all! In the spirit of Father's Day Fun, We jetted around the web to bring you this quiz on different ways and means to celebrate dear old dad. Submit the right answers and we might feature you on our blog and Facebook page!

Name the country in which:

1. Families wear yellow or pink on Father's Day; and present canna lilies to dads and grandpas.

2. Dads fish for their dinner on Father's Day - ideally catching enough for the whole family.

3. Kids present their dads with handmade beer glasses. (We like this idea...stop in for a selection you  don't have to craft!)

4. Boys touch their heads to their father's feet and girls touch their heads to their father's hands.

5. Dads run in a city-wide race, refueling with a feast.

6. The holiday is known as "Vatertag," with dads pulling wagons of beer and liquor into the woods. (Cue the Imperial March...)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

History in the Making

"There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories." -Ursula LeGuin
Keep your loved ones close to your heart.

"Grandma, tell me again about the time when you were little..."

"Dad, will you show me that newspaper clipping again?"

We all have family stories that we treasure. We listened to them as children, amused and even awestruck that our parents and grandparents were once our age. And as parents or grandparents, aunts or uncles, we share them with our little ones. Sometimes they were illustrated, literally and figuratively. This blogger still treasures her great-grandmother's wedding portrait, her grandfather's dog tags from World War II and her grandmother's yearbook from 1944, her photo captioned "Charming, Sweet and Debonair" -- all cherished not just as objects, but for the stories they inspire.

This article from The Atlantic discusses the rich benefits of "family storytelling": the more detail and interaction, the better. In fact, studies show that when parents reminisce with preschoolers in detailed ways, the children learn to share "richer, more complete narratives to other adults one to two years later." And these enhanced narrative skills serve them well throughout their young life, from processing complex academic material to bolstering their self-esteem and coping skills.

In that spirit, we treasure our line of NanoRosetta custom medallions, capturing your stories in 3-D optical difractives. Family photos old and new. Yearbooks. Certificates. All etched in a beautiful keepsake that will last forever, sustaining family stories through every generation.

Stop in and see us for our beautiful design options, including collages and custom borders.

And stay tuned for Father's Day ideas!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Wacky Wedding Round-Up!

We hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day!
Perfectly Pandora!

Good Ol' Mama Nature surprised us here in Rochester with hailstorms, but we hope the Sunday surprises poured upon you were more pleasant - and we hope they didn't include any spilled coffee from young hands bringing you breakfast in bed! Did you receive something special from People's Pottery from your husband, children, or mother? Perhaps a Pandora keepsake, Kiss & Dream diamond, NanoRosetta medallion, serving piece for the kitchen, accent piece for the living room, souvenir for the nursery...or a gift certificate that gives you a reason to stop in and see us? Comment below or send us a Facebook message!

Some locals believe the Lilac Festival marks the unofficial start of summer in Rochester. We love summer for many reasons, but mainly because it's wedding season. In that spirit, we've compiled the best of "Wacky Wedding" wisdom from around the Web. We'd like to raise a glass to:

Private photo originally published on Huffington Post

1. This woman who wore her wedding ring for an entire year...without even knowing it. The stone was tucked into a pine necklace that her boyfriend had made her; then he popped the seal AND the question. We believe this serves as true testament to the couple's commitment: him for crafting the necklace and her for not losing it!

2. These intrepid souls and kindred spirits who got married at the top of their game...on Mount Everest. They exchanged vows and rings at 17,000 feet and minus 11 degrees Fahrenheit. If you thought your wedding was an epic adventure...check out the Instagram feed.

3. The inventor of prosecco and Rosé popsicles. We can't think of a better refresher to serve guests who are thirsty for something new (but not old, borrowed or blue).

4. The menagerie of puppies, llamas (yes, llamas...they clean up nice) and unicorns that can attend your wedding for a that's sometimes donated to animal causes.

Photo published on
Remember, we are here each day to make your engagement and wedding just as unique and memorable...even if you scale Cobb's Hill instead of Mount Everest, or decide to go with peonies instead of puppies. From Benchmark wedding bands to dazzling Kiss & Dream Diamonds, our selection offers superior craft and quality at the best prices in town. Stop in and see for yourself!