Wednesday, August 10, 2016

For Your Pinterest

You probably receive our emails and follow us on Facebook, but if you haven't followed People's Pottery on Pinterest yet -- you should! Not only do we group the exclusive lines and exquisite collections found in-store and online -- we showcase the beautiful product shots, lifestyle ideas, and inspiration (both practical and playful) of Pinterest boards all over the globe. From summer appetizers to autumn table accents, from time capsules to travel tips, and from wedding cakes to berry chantilly cakes, you can glean all sorts of ways to make the most of this glorious time of year.

Browse around, get inspired, and savor this special time of year -- as summer slowly but surely gives way to a gorgeous Rochester fall. Here are some of our favorite Pinterest finds.

A blast of Arctic beauty is something we could all enjoy!

Stop in to see how easy, and fun, our Paparte kiosk can be!

Ready for fall? Let Nora Fleming help to harvest hospitality.

Pandora piles on the pretty and stacks up the chic.

Pastel drops of color make this pin picture-perfect.

Work an entire look around your favorite Lenny and Eva cuff. 

Baby gifts (almost) as precious as the baby.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pokemon Love Pandora, Too!

It all started when our Twirly Girl went out to find Pokemon -- and caught the eye of a like-minded purple pal.

"Where did you find that gorgeous dress?" asked her new friend, Rattata. "It's so colorful and twirly!"

She gave directions to People's Pottery, and word spread fast. Soon, Rochester's best boutique for "her, him and home" became popular among the Pokemon. We caught them admiring our storefront and our Pandora display!

If you're not playing Pokemon GO, it's likely that your kids, grandkids, friends, neighbors, co-workers, cousins, etc. are glued to this game. In that spirit, we're dedicating this blog post to finds in the store inspired by this summer craze. And like these creatures, our shipping extends around the world.

This sculpture by Forked-Up Art celebrates walking...a key aspect of the game!

This "Lenny and Eva" cuff reminds us never to give up -- even when conquests seem elusive.

Like Pokemon, but cuter!

Bursting with the beauty of summer, a reminder to explore the nature around us.

Stop in to see what's new. You never know what treasures (or conquests) might await you! While you're here, consider purchasing a Made By Maia set of notecards to support Daystar, an organization for medically fragile children; and to encourage a young artist with a very big heart.

We look forward to seeing you!

Friday, July 15, 2016

So sweet, we're star-struck!

This Pandora promotion has a nice ring to it...

"Buy two, get one free." Usually this kind of sweet deal applies to things like candies, cereals or socks. But through this weekend, you can enjoy a free ring from our beautiful Pandora collection with purchase of two. It's the perfect time to build your collection by mixing, matching, stacking and styling. We have great ideas to get your started.

While you're in our Pandora "store-within-a-store," don't miss the chance to admire the new dangle charms and Pandora Essence Collection of Zodiac signs. We can't think of a more perfect gift than one whose design is written in your stars. When was the last time someone asked you, "What's your sign?" (Be prepared!)

Speaking of celestial finds -- we have two more new arrivals to leave you starry-eyed. One is our new Neptune collection by cinda b. Art Deco design meets on-trend summer colors for a beautiful way to rocket out of town.

And the other: our Chrysalis by Willow children's jewelry, for the girl who means the sun, moon and stars to you. This line also features rainbows, ice cream, ladybugs and other fun charms  -- so while Mom or Grandma builds her Pandora collection, daughter or granddaughter can follow suit!


In the meantime, keep cool from the blazing sun of Rochester and stop in soon to "stargaze" with us!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

First, Second, Third, Fourth

We'll help you keep sparkling all summer.
Last year at this time we said, "Let freedom ring! Let fashion rule!" This year we're just as fired up to celebrate the spirit of America and flex our "look-good, feel-good" muscles. And there's something for every day of this glorious weekend -- from the "First" to the "Fourth!"

BE THE "FIRST": The first to enjoy PANDORA'S "buy two rings, get one free" promotion -- here in full bloom, through July 17. If you haven't stopped in to see these rings, don't wait! A wealth of beautiful gemstones and precious metals combine with fabulous design -- from romantic florals to luminous "droplets." Mix, match, stack and style to your heart's desire. Carla will show you how! 

ANY "SECOND": Time is precious, especially in summer. At People's Pottery we have so many ways to mark time beautifully. Our BERING collection captures the icy elegance of the Arctic: sleek, sporty, and lightweight -- in short, a "blast of cool" on sweltering days. 

And our whimsical Allen Design clocks are the essence of easy, breezy summer!

"THIRD" TIMES THE CHARM: Pandora. Mi Moneda. NanoRosetta. We have so many ways to adorn necklaces, bracelets, even keychains with personal meaning and uniquely-styled combinations. Have you stopped in to see our Killian Facettes? These brilliant gemstones that slip right onto the bracelet combine low-key elegance and to-the-hilt glamour. Perfect for a summer wedding. 

FROM THIS DAY "FOURTH": When holidays wind down, you want to capture their essence and spirit forever. Our NanoRosetta line, now a true phenomenon, preserves entire photo collages, albums and books into a gorgeous wearable medallion. And our Thomas Sabo line lets you wear your heart on your sleeve -- by engraving your sentiments upon a beautiful bracelet. With masculine and feminine styles, this line makes for the perfect wedding, anniversary, or bridesmaid/groomsmen gift.  We are proud to be Rochester's premier destination for "him, her and home," and we hope you'll stop in, cool off, and catch up this summer!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Compare and Contrast

What's black and white; beautifully Art Deco-inspired; and equal parts trendy and completely classic? Stop in to explore our crop of Black and White...looking just right for this Rochester summer, with the skies shining more brilliant blue than fifty shades of grey. For this blog post, we've gathered the best of black-and-white wedding gifts, hostess gifts, home decor, and fashion jewelry!

Wedding and hostess gifts: "check"!

Art Deco aesthetic dovetails with clean lines.

Purrfectly at home, anywhere.

A study in black, white and grey.

Statement necklaces that pair well with everything. 

High polish looks right this summer.
Cinda B's modern twist on classic color.

Hostess gifts, graduation gifts, Father's Day gifts...for any occasion, we walk you through our selection with the personal attention we're noted for. Did we mention that we gift-wrap beautifully (and colorfully), and we ship around the world?

With our high-contrast chic (and more), we're beyond compare!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Seven Reasons To Stop In For Summer

Lazy, hazy days? Not so much. When your calendar bursts with graduations, weddings, Father's Day cookouts, brunches, reunions, birthdays and more, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Streamline your shopping and stop in here for a gift with the personal touch that glows with warmth -- all year round. Our gift wrap is gorgeous, and we ship around the world.

1. No gamble here! Play our Paparte machine and design winning gifts for teachers, grads and more.

It's a kiosk for creativity!

2. Dive into the colors of summers with accent pieces for her, him and home.

Blue and green are on the scene.

3. Pack smart in style with Cinda B.

Classic snakeskin gets a modern twist.

4. This isn't his father's Dopp Kit - but it's great for Father's Day!

Let's get out of town!

5. Engrave a Thomas Sabo bracelet for the groom, bride, grad or dad.

Words of wisdom on the wrist.

6. Present a wedding gift that's more exciting (and elegant) than Tupperware.

The perfect pair.

7. Add a dash of whimsy to your workday.

Paperweights are back. Jellyfish are cool!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Let's Get Personal

Pandora "Forget Me Not" earrings. 

It's May, and we're enjoying the sweet perfume of lilacs, coasting on all the love that's in the air. With all the beautiful gifts we helped you select last week, we know there were many women, in town and around the world, who enjoyed a very Happy Mother's Day!

Our Pandora collection continues to "charm," especially with Carla's attention to detail in helping shoppers build upon their bracelets and explore new options. 

On Monday, our friend Roberta scored the very last, limited-edition Pandora "Bound By Love" charm in our store. With its beautiful 14k bow nestled inside a silver heart, it looks perfect on her Pandora bracelet. 

Roberta also continues to build upon her Mi Moneda collection - both with Mi Moneda medallions and our new NanoRosetta line. 

These medallions can laser-etch everything from family photos and paw prints to the King James Bible, Edgar Allan Poe's "Raven" and the complete works of Leonardo da Vinci, pictured above. If you have a mathematician, art historian, or literary buff preparing to graduate, these medallions make the perfect necklace or cuff link, keychain, money clip, ring, etc. Choose a pre-made design, or "get personal."

Speaking of "personal," you've got to see our new Paparte line. It's a stunning way to thank a teacher, mentor, coach, bridesmaid, co-worker, friend, etc. Choose a unique design to adorn everything from coffee mugs to iPhone covers. We love this line!

Stop in and see us. And if you can't make that out-of-town wedding, bridal shower or graduation, remember that we gift-wrap beautifully and ship around the world.