Friday, June 30, 2017

Some Like It Hot...

Some like it hot...and some of us like to chill in the lake (or in the A/C). Some like to cruise on water, and some of us on land. Some travel with seven pairs of shoes; some with just a carry-on bag.

No matter what your travel style, we have the color selection that suits your unique personality. Come visit our PANDORA store-within-a-store to "pick your paradise" and set your style GPS to its true destination!

The Explorer: The new blue leather from PANDORA represents your cool, laid-back presence; your love of the ocean; and your connection to nature.

The Adventurer: If pink calls your name, adventure awaits! The new pink leather bracelet encapsulates your passionate spirit. You are fiery, feminine, and a true lover of life.

The Sun Goddess: Is white your summer style selection? Celebrate your sun goddess essence with inspiration from Santorini! The white leather bracelet from PANDORA will show off your bright outlook on life.

The Night Voyager: Show off your destination style with PANDORA. The black bracelet speaks to your confidence, sophistication, and love of nightlife. Add your favorite charms to create a look that will shine!

Where will you take your PANDORA jewelry this summer? Share a photo with us!

Whether you're celebrating brides, bachelor's degrees, birthdays, or babies...beat the heat (or should we say the rain) by stopping in to see Carla for the perfect gift: one that celebrates signature style and summer sizzle. As always, our gift wrap is as gorgeous as the gift; and we ship anywhere on the world. That's one less thing to worry about - so you can explore the world instead of the post office.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What We Do For Dad...

Rain drops...or ring drops? Benchmark rings fit any forecast!
It's Dad's day this Sunday, and we haven't forgotten him! Whether he's a new dad or a new grandpa; whether he's walking you down the aisle this summer or running in a marathon; fishing in the lake or grilling in the yard, or just digging through endless piles of work (and needs to take a well-deserved break), we have just the gift to honor him this weekend and every day throughout the year. Stop in and see the conversation-starting cuff links, unique desk sculptures, striking Benchmark rings and keepsake NanoRosetta medallions that synch up with his style while carrying special meaning. Surprise him in person or send joy in the mail; we ship around the world!

Fifty shades of Nano.

Speaking of around the world: Global perspectives enrich us all! In the spirit of Father's Day Fun, We jetted around the web to bring you this quiz on different ways and means to celebrate dear old dad. Submit the right answers and we might feature you on our blog and Facebook page!

Name the country in which:

1. Families wear yellow or pink on Father's Day; and present canna lilies to dads and grandpas.

2. Dads fish for their dinner on Father's Day - ideally catching enough for the whole family.

3. Kids present their dads with handmade beer glasses. (We like this idea...stop in for a selection you  don't have to craft!)

4. Boys touch their heads to their father's feet and girls touch their heads to their father's hands.

5. Dads run in a city-wide race, refueling with a feast.

6. The holiday is known as "Vatertag," with dads pulling wagons of beer and liquor into the woods. (Cue the Imperial March...)