Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ring (or necklace, or charm) it in

Did you know that New Year's Eve celebrations take unique forms throughout the world?
Below, a few examples -- and the inspirations they provide (source: International Business Times):

Russia: Write a wish for the upcoming year on a piece of paper, then burn the paper and place the ashes in a glass of champagne. Drink champagne as the clock strikes midnight, and the wish will come true.

People's Pottery twist: Why not toast the new year (minus the ashes, perhaps) with an elegant champagne glass from our collection?

Peru: Wear new clothes to bring good fortune.
People's Pottery twist: Slip a new Mi Moneda coin pendant over your outfit tomorrow night.

Ireland: New Year's Day, aka "The Day of the Buttered Bread," involves banging loaves of bread on doors and walls to chase out bad luck and invite good spirits.

People's Pottery twist: Spare the bread until it's served and sliced on a gorgeous Romero Britto platter!

Spain: Eating 12 grapes just before the clock chimes midnight will bring good fortune each month of the upcoming year.

People's Pottery twist: The best way to enjoy grapes tomorrow night are fermented, in a glass. We present an irresistible way to "fetch" your wine!

Happy New Year! We can't wait to see you in 2015!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Gone to the dogs...

Those of us in Rochester know what we mean when we call this week a "flurry" of holiday activity.

Well, those boots were made for walking (okay, driving) to People's Pottery. We've got a holiday gift for everyone on your list!

Even your littlest, four-legged friends...and the people who love them. 

Check out these super-cute home decor accents -- can't you just picture the smiles they will bring?

In a season of heightened emotions, nonstop obligations and general stress, it's more important than ever to keep to the rituals that restore a sense of sanity: cuddling pets, getting rest, and having dinner as a family. 

We at People's Pottery are committed to playing our part in reducing your stress this season. With our well-curated selection, personal attention and thoughtful recommendations, we are a one-stop shop to dazzle and delight everyone on your list. Gorgeous gifts for new babies; Twirly Girl, MOGO and Jilzara for the little ones; Pandora, Killian and Ti Sento Milano for the ladies; cuff links, photo frames and desk sculptures for men. And of course, Kiss and Dream diamonds as the ultimate expression of love and commitment. (Is it time for an upgrade? Of course it is.)

Stop in or shop PeoplesPottery.com. We love helping you select the perfect gift, and we ship around the world.

Doggone easy!