Thursday, August 20, 2015

Light up the room, light up the night

Need to pack in one more warm-weather getaway? Need a gift to bring on Labor Day weekend? Need a whimsical, tropical "summer souvenir" to warm up those rainy, chilly days? All the essentials here are waiting for you; stop in and see Carla! Maximize your fun these next few weeks with presents (for others and for yourself) that will keep you smiling into September and beyond. And if you'd like to send a bit of People's Pottery to your far-flung friends, no problem; we ship around the world. 

Take that trip! Cinda B, classy and clean.

This stunning plate lights up a room. 

Locally designed necklaces capture the summer vibe perfectly.

How to make a great vintage even more charming.

Your favorite cyclist will enjoy this bike year-round.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Angels are abuzz...

Have you seen the halo winking above People's Pottery? Have you heard the whispers coming from Rochester's best place to find gifts for her, him and home?

We've got an angel living here. No, not a Victoria's Secret angel. We're not that kind of store! You can call her "Thortiuda," which is Thai for angel -- and the latest twist on our ever-popular trend of interchangeable jewelry. Much like Killian and Mi Moneda, the Thortiuda line features elements that can mix and match.

We love how the sterling-silver, filigreed overlays nestle charms with different colors, each carrying its own special meaning. Yellow brings vitality, grey stands for wisdom, mint represents elegance, and red kindles passion.

Follow the angel's whisper -- stop in and see Carla!