Monday, March 30, 2015

Diamonds, dreams and drinks!

We love weddings! Now that winter is receding, we're very excited to embark on what's sure to be the most exciting wedding season yet. For one thing, Carla was featured in the cover story of Rochester Magazine! The delectable spread of "Top 12 Local Wedding Trends" discussed not only our Kiss and Dream halo diamonds  -- a trend, yes, but with staying power - but also included a photo of our customizable, hand-painted champagne flutes as wedding gifts. 

Building on the buzz, we're inviting couples to a 3-D evening on Thursday, April 23 in our Rochester store. This FREE event, "Diamonds, Dreams and Drinks," features an insider's glimpse into making dream-worthy rings and the "how-tos" of buying a diamond. Plus, there will be door prizes and an approximate half-carat diamond giveaway! You must be present to win.

This is intended to be a fun, casual evening of learning about the options when choosing a ring, and the ins and outs of purchasing a diamond. You can sign up here.

Your hosts, Carla and Jim Froehler, look forward to welcoming you into People's Pottery! The finest gift boutique in Rochester is also your source for a beautiful wedding.

We'll raise a hand-painted champagne flute to that!

Friday, March 20, 2015

March Madness

Happy Spring! Here at People's Pottery, "March Madness" has nothing to do with basketball brackets and everything to do with free bracelets...from Pandora!

Make sure you stop in to receive a FREE Sterling Silver Pandora Clasp Bracelet OR Pandora Bangle Bracelet, a $65 value, with a $100 purchase; or a FREE Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Clasp Bracelet if you spend $500. These bracelets are perfect gifts for all the milestones "popping up" this Spring: Easter, Mother's Day, Graduation, birthdays, anniversaries, and just because. 

Another Pandora gift idea to stoke your Spring Fever: the ESSENCE collection, with charms that represent the values, hopes and dreams within you, your mother, your sister, your best friend, your daughter, your mentor, etc. 

Take this quiz to discover the true "Essence" of your loved ones. Then stop in to see us with your newfound knowledge, and we'll help you select the perfect gift.

One last teaser: we've planned a special evening in April for couples dreaming of the perfect ring at the perfect price. We've got a half-carat diamond to give away, an insider's glimpse into diamonds, and drinks for a relaxing evening. Stay tuned for more on DIAMONDS, DREAMS & read it here first!