Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Shining Through The Eclipse

"It's just another manic Monday." The iconic Bangles' song is a fitting start to next week -- when afternoon twilight will truly mark a manic mid-day Monday. Luckily, we have everything you need to shine and sparkle through the solar eclipse. Let's take a look!

Nothing brightens our day more than a 40% off SALE! Stop in, see what's going for deep discounts, and stock up on home decor, desk sculptures, pretty rings, shiny things, and whimsical delights.

Essential for the eclipse, and anytime: candles in sun-splashed colors or irresistible fragrances, like our new Aromatic Votivo line. You need all your senses in the dark! These candles are the perfect way to warm your home as fall settles upon Rochester. And there's no need to pop a pie into the oven; the scents alone will beckon your company into the kitchen.

Our perfect gifts for "her, him and home" pack punches of bright, bold color that catches both sun rays and moonbeams! We have bar ware, bakeware, and bracelets to keep your spirits bright and your heart warm, long after summer's over.

Do you know what else brightens our day? BABIES! We have the perfect gift for that bundle of joy. Stop in and see us before summer's over!