Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Honor Your Essence

What better way to send off summer than by honoring your Essence? Today concludes Pandora's Exclusive Offer of bangle bracelet with select charm at a special price. Luckily, it's raining -- so you have the perfect excuse to indulge your favorite indoor sport: shopping!

Affection, Love, Freedom, Spirituality, Health and Friendship -- these are but a few of the Essence charms to inspire your journey. But their names also capture the qualities we see each day among the families and friends who stop in to see us, searching for the perfect ways to express these very sentiments.

Below, ideas to sustain the last sparks of summer into a heart-warming flame this fall.

"One for you, and one for me" by Lenny & Eva. We love the idea of shared style sentiments!

A token of love, a souvenir of home -- for the new semester or new adventure.

New accents help "scale up" your tablescape.

Our NanoRosetta line expresses love in vibrant 3D hologram.

A basket weave in wood -- the perfect gift.

Ti Sento Milano captures all shades of sky -- even in Rochester!

We know this time of year can grow overwhelming, and we're here to help. Whether you need a gift for the newlywed, new retiree, new college student or new baby -- and anything in between -- we are ready to guide you through our exclusive lines, gift wrap your selection beautifully, and ship it safely anywhere in the world. We wish you a fantastic Fall!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

For Your Pinterest

You probably receive our emails and follow us on Facebook, but if you haven't followed People's Pottery on Pinterest yet -- you should! Not only do we group the exclusive lines and exquisite collections found in-store and online -- we showcase the beautiful product shots, lifestyle ideas, and inspiration (both practical and playful) of Pinterest boards all over the globe. From summer appetizers to autumn table accents, from time capsules to travel tips, and from wedding cakes to berry chantilly cakes, you can glean all sorts of ways to make the most of this glorious time of year.

Browse around, get inspired, and savor this special time of year -- as summer slowly but surely gives way to a gorgeous Rochester fall. Here are some of our favorite Pinterest finds.

A blast of Arctic beauty is something we could all enjoy!

Stop in to see how easy, and fun, our Paparte kiosk can be!

Ready for fall? Let Nora Fleming help to harvest hospitality.

Pandora piles on the pretty and stacks up the chic.

Pastel drops of color make this pin picture-perfect.

Work an entire look around your favorite Lenny and Eva cuff. 

Baby gifts (almost) as precious as the baby.