Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Send Me Love (and Glamour and Ice Cream)

"Please Mr. Postman," move over.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) just rolled out a service called "Send Me" that lets you text requests for a place, color, mood, object, feeling, or even emoji; the museum replies within seconds with a piece of corresponding art from their collection. Try it here.

In the spirit of our favorite things, we texted the museum to send us love, glamour, jewelry and ice cream. Here's what we got!

Robert Indiana, "Love," 1973

Valerie Belin, "Untitled," 2002 

Weegee, "The Critic," 1943

Bill Owens, "Untitled [ice cream man]," 1975 

On that note...this week is an exciting one for our store and city. Our PANDORA Girls' Night Out promotion kicks off on Thursday with the offer of a free Tote bag with a $125 PANDORA purchase.

Now -- where to go with your girls (and tote)? May we suggest the traveling VoteTilla celebration -- 100 years of women's suffrage! -- that happens this week and weekend with stops in Fairport, Pittsford, Corn Hill, and of course the Susan B. Anthony house. Because songs were a powerful tool of suffrage, there will be plenty of music; and of course food, festivities and fun...the perfect ladies' night to celebrate the ladies' right.

Stop in to get styled for the summer, find the perfect gifts (for brides, babies, and beyond), and bring a little piece of home on the adventures that lie ahead.

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